Useful Links/Articles

These are some files or articles we have found as a valuable reference:

Trainee Judges Breed Lecture Notes for the Pomeranian - Julie Risk 
The world renown Hadleigh Pomeranians - Pom Reader 1997
Planned Breeding - Lloyd Brackett
Fundamentals of Canine Locomotion - William Given
An Examination of Movement in Dogs - Deborah Andoetoe
​​Vertical Pedigree Analysis - Rhonda Hovan
Kennel Blindness - William Given
Vaccination Guidelines - World Small Animal Veterinary Association
The True Science behind Raw Feeding - Dr. Lyn Thompson
Deadly Hairballs - Roberta Malott
It Seems To Me - A series of articles by judge/journalist Tom Horner

Below are some links to other websites that you may find of interest: