Australian Champions

56 x Australian Champions that we have bred and/or exhibited (43 being homebred):

# Name Titled Owner/Lessee when titled
56 Pomquest Imagine Dragons 30-Jun-2019 Ms R.Walsh
55 Pomquest Pot O Gold 25-Apr-2019 Mrs F.Harris / Pomquest
54 Hollywoof Eat My Shorts 25-Jan-2019 Pomquest
53 Pomquest Mischief N Mayhem 4-Nov-2018 Mrs M.Norton
52 Pomquest Hello Gorgeous 21-Jun-2018 Mrs M.Norton
51 Pomquest Wonderful World 9-Jun-2018 Mrs S.Wilkinson / Pomquest
50 Pomquest Dragons Song 18-Nov-2017 Mrs S.Beinke
49 Pomquest Kiss Of A Dragon 5-Oct-2017 Mr G.Malik
48 Pomquest Trick Or Treat 5-Aug-2017 Pomquest
47 Pomquest Magical Story 5-Aug-2017 Mrs M.Norton
46 Pomquest True Blue 21-Jul-2017 Mrs V.Spiteri
45 Pomquest Bewitched 9-Jul-2017 Pomquest
44 Pomquest Xquisite 7-May-2017 Pomquest
43 Pomquest Fierce N Fabulous 29-Apr-2017 Mrs M.Norton
42 Pomquest Xanadu 25-Mar-2017 Pomquest
41 Pomquest Uptown Girl 11-Feb-2017 Mrs F.Harris
40 Pomquest Y So Serious 26-Nov-2016 Ms R.Walsh / Pomquest
39 Pomquest Viva Las Vegas 23-Oct-2016 Mr G.Malik
38 Pomquest Wildest Dreams 9-Oct-2016 Pomquest
37 Pomquest Uno U Want Me 2-Oct-2016 Mrs P.Driver
36 Pomquest Vagabondheart 31-Jul-2016 Pomquest
35 Pomquest X Factor 24-Jul-2016 Mrs F.Harris / Pomquest
34 Pomquest Whenever Wherever 4-Jun-2016 Mrs M.Norton
33 Pomquest Rock The Box 16-Apr-2016 Mr D & Mrs S.Morris / Pomquest
32 Pomquest Queen Of Dragons 27-Sep-2015 Miss R.Walsh
31 Pomquest Purple Rain 16-Aug-2015 Pomquest 
30 Debonne's Sexy In A Box (IMP CAN) 1-Aug-2015 Pomquest
29 Pomquest Neverending Story 10-Apr-2015 Pomquest
28 Pomquest Now N Forever 4-Jan-2015 Pomquest 
27 Pomquest Magic Happens  6-Oct-2014  Pomquest 
26 Pomquest Make A Wish 30-Aug-2014 Pomquest
25 Winterspell What A Girl Wants 20-Jul-2014 Pomquest
24 Pomquest Keep Dreamin 8-Jun-2014 Mr D & Mrs S.Morris
23 Pomquest Laugh Out Loud 6-Jun-2014 Mrs M.Norton
22 Pomquest Keep Livin The Dream 10-Nov-2013 Pomquest
21 Pomquest Impossible Dream 25-Nov-2012 Mr C.Zamofing & Ms E.Russell
20 Pomquest Here You Come Again 10-Nov-2012 Pomquest
19 Pomquest Grand Dreams 4-Nov-2012 Mrs M.Norton
18 Pomquest Ja Dore Papa 13-Oct-2012 Pomquest
17 Pomquest Bubblegum 12-May-2012 Mr D & Mrs S.Morris
16 Neadthav The Grat Dane (IID DEN) 25-Nov-2011 Pomquest
15 Pomquest Fame N Fortune 30-Oct-2011 Pomquest
14 Pomquest Enough Said 25-Sep-2011 Mrs M.Norton
13 Pomquest Envy This 25-Aug-2011 Pomquest
12 Pomquest Dare To Dream 2-Jul-2011 Pomquest
11 Pomquest Dont Ya Wish 1-May-2011 Mr S.Rhodes
10 Luarts Double Jeopardy 19-Sep-2010 Pomquest
9 Luarts Sparkling Star 16-Jul-2010 Pomquest
8 Soffie's Bubbla (IMP DEN) 14-Jun-2010 Mr V.Grasso
7 Soffie's C'mon (IMP DEN) 12-Jun-2010 Mr V.Grasso
6 Pomquest A New Player 13-Feb-2010 Pomquest
5 Winterspell Wizard 1-Nov-2009 Pomquest
4 Solinca What It Takes 13-Sep-2009 Pomquest
3 Luarts Superstar Dreams 25-Jul-2009 Pomquest
2 Cupidtown Anniversary 8-Feb-2009 Pomquest
1 Winterspell Picollo 4-Nov-2007 Pomquest

*To be eligible to be awarded the ANKC title "Champion", a dog must win not fewer than 4 Challenge Certificates under no fewer than 4 different Judges at different Shows and gain a total of 100 points (for our Poms titled prior to 2-Dec-11, 25 points must have been gained after the dog was 12 months of age). Points are allotted at Championship Shows for exhibits 6 months of age or over as follows:

a. Challenge Certificate winner male/female - 5 points plus 1 point for each male/female exhibited for the breed over the age of 6 months.
b. Best Of Breed winner - 5 points plus 1 point for each male and female exhibited over the age of 6 months.
c. Best In Group in an All Breeds Show - 5 points plus 1 point for each male and female over the age of 6 months exhibited for the group.
d. Best In Show in an All Breeds Show - 25 points.
e. Best In Show at a Specialist Club or a Group Club Show - 5 points plus 1 point for each male and female over the age 6 months exhibited at such show.

Note: Points under (a), (b), (c), (d), and (e) above do not accumulate and shall in no case exceed 25 points at any one show.